Twaang events

We love our music, and what better way to make it come alive than on a live platform. Twaang events brings to you new collaborations, music in ways that have not been heard before, a wonderful confluence of all that is old and cherished in music with the new and innovative. We hope to break through the barriers of genre and technicality in music,  bringing to you music which reaches the depths of the soul.

Parallel Strings

” Anil Srinivasan and Jayanthi Kumaresh with their consummate artistry pushed the very boundaries of musical imagination” – The Hindu

‘They were at once story tellers, interpreters, performers. Yet, through all this, it was not so much an articulation of the self, but of other selves, of whatever comprises the colossal body of music – Thyagaraja, Bach, and all. Parallel Strings, a veena-piano concert by Jayanthi Kumaresh and Anil Srinivasan in the city recently, was a movement towards the same musical destination though they represented two diverse traditions. Both these consummate artistes, through their profound music, stressed on the desire to go back to the roots — affirmation of individual identity seemed an insignificant matter.”

It’s hard to capture the experience of music in words. Just like emotion is the most elusive substance in music, it’s true about words as well. Jayanthi narrated a beautiful story about illusion and what followed was a piece in raga Nasikabhushini, composed by violinists Ganesh and Kumaresh. Moving from harmony to dissonance, the piece revealed the unfathomable mystery of music. Jayanthi’s chaste gamakas were paralleled with mellifluously progressive phrases by Anil. The progression, however, emphasized the evolution of musical expression in its cyclical nature, and not so much a moving forward.”

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“I didn’t know what to expect from the evening but it was beautiful and moving. Each one patiently waited for their cue to enter and when they did, it was exceptional! The chemistry between the musicians was great to watch,”

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“Our idea is to weave a mythological story to each of our pieces, a concept that Anil and I conceptualised to help set a mood for the raga. Everything is for building up a connect here…the story, the mood and the raga scales. The fact that two soft-stringed instruments (yes, the piano keys are after all activated by strings) representing the Indian and Western melody are taking part to explain the parallel musical approach of the two genres is what makes it an unusual experiment.” Jayanthi Kumaresh

“We have had hugely successful shows abroad and such exercises make sense only with a cerebral fare constructed by a musician like Jayanthi. While we wish to unravel the mood of the scales like peeling layers of an onion, the manodharma or the fugue will explain the contexts and development of our ideas.” Anil Srinivasan


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