Suryamurte Namostute

sUryamUrte namOstu te sundaracchAyAdhipate kAryakAraNAtmakajagatprAkasha simhArAshyadhipate AryavinutatejassphUrte ArogyAdiphaladakIrte sArasamitra mitra bhAno sahasrakiraNa karNasUno krUrapApaharakRshAno guruguhamoditasvabhAno sUrijaneDita sudinamaNe somAdigrahashikhAmaNe dhIrAcita karmasAkSiNe divyatarasaptAshvarathine saurAStArNamantrAtmane sauvarNasvarUpAtmane bhAratIshahariharAtmane bhuktimuktivitaraNAtmane Dissecting the Kriti, reveals the hidden science in the verses. Sun(Surya) is the head of this universe, the reason for  this very life on earth. He is considered as Chayadipathe,the Lord … Continue reading Suryamurte Namostute


The Navagrahas in the Carnatic World

The Navagrahas worshipped in the Indian tradition are believed to affect our lives on earth in many different ways. The Navagrahas in general have a one on one mapping to the nine planets of our solar system. But then, the term ‘Graha’ doesn't just  mean a planet. ‘Grihanthi ithi Graha’ is the Sanskrit word, which means Grahas … Continue reading The Navagrahas in the Carnatic World

Sage Narada in the Carnatic World

Devarishi Narada, one of the prime devotees of Lord Sri Vishnu is the most renowned sage in Hindu mythology. It is believed that Lord Shiva was Narada’s Guru who started him on his musical journey. Legend has it that Narada’s foremost contribution to the world of classical music is the introduction of the instrument ‘Veena’ … Continue reading Sage Narada in the Carnatic World

Lot to learn from experimental music, says Rakesh Chaurasia

By Swetha Kannan Rakesh Chaurasia, nephew of flute maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia, has the tough task of living up to a renowned surname. Even as he gracefully carries on the family tradition, Rakesh has also managed to carve a niche for himself, reaching out to the youth through his experimental music band Rakesh and Friends. The … Continue reading Lot to learn from experimental music, says Rakesh Chaurasia

Indian music for children

Nursery rhymes and western music have always been a part of our children’s growing up years. While this is certainly wonderful, it is also a bit unfortunate that Indian music seldom finds a place in their lives. Only a few children listen to Indian classical music. And that too because they attend a music class because … Continue reading Indian music for children