'Synaesthesia' is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sense organ leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sense organ.  Such associations can occur in any combination and in any number of senses. There are various types of synaesthesia. The most common are: Colour-graphemic synaesthesia: In this type of synaesthesia, letters or numbers are perceived as inherently coloured. … Continue reading DO YOU SEE RED WHEN YOU HEAR MOZART?


Purandaradasa – The Father of Carnatic Music

Purandaradasa is considered to be one of the Fathers (Pitamaha) of Carnatic Music. He is the one who introduced the Mayamalavagowla Ragam, which is like the ‘ABC’ of Carnatic Music learning. He created the structured method of teaching music which is followed to this date. Purandaradasa's compositions are all about  his love for Lord Narayana, … Continue reading Purandaradasa – The Father of Carnatic Music

Dhrupad – The Music OF The Immortals

There are few forms of Indian classical music that have the power to evoke devotion among humans and move the Divinity itself. Dhrupad, the oldest surviving form of Indian classical music, originally sung in temples and spiritual gatherings, is the only form of music which can boast of having the power to move both humans … Continue reading Dhrupad – The Music OF The Immortals

Women in Music- A salute to pioneers in Indian Music

s r g m p d n! Did you know? The success story of Indian music and its industry would only be 3.5 musical notes without our Women Musicians! 3.5 musical notes? Yes! You heard me right! Let me explain. When the Gramaphone Co. came to India in 1902, the male musicians were reluctant to … Continue reading Women in Music- A salute to pioneers in Indian Music

Chandram Bhaja Manasa

 Chandram bhaja manasa, sadhu hrudaya sadrusham . Indhradhi loka paleditha tharesam, Indhum Shodasa kala dharam nisakaram, Indhira sahodharam, sudha kara manisam.  Shankaramauli Vibhushanam Seethakiranam Chaturbhujam Madana Chatram Shaapakaram ,Venkatesha Nayanam Viraanmano Jananam Vidhum Kumuda Mithram Vidhi Guruguha Vaktram, Sashaankam Geeshpathi Shaapaanugraha Paatram Sharacchandrikaa Dhavala Prakaasha Gaatram ,Kankana Keyura Haara Makutaadi Dharam Pankaja Ripum Rohini Priyakara Chaturam. Now let … Continue reading Chandram Bhaja Manasa