Live Stream – The power of being ubiquitous !

History tells us that there was a time, when the best artisans in a land would only work for royalty. To experience and be moved by such talent was the privilege limited for few, mostly nobility.

The twentieth century was far more promising both for the artists and their fans. You could attend concerts and listen to them perform and sing for you. Music records, tapes and video players ensured you could hear them anytime and anywhere.

But again the privilege of watching your favourite artist perform live was limited to the big cities, which is where these artists and their tour groups would perform. Despite more accessibility, most were denied the opportunity, for reasons like limited access, reach and the costs involved of travelling to another city to watch a performance.

Cable TV and recorded shows came as a relief, they allowed people to get a feel of the moment, even if it was much after the real performance.

Times have changed, and so have our needs and aspirations. Speed is no more a luxury, it is a necessity. Being in the moment is important for a generation which has access to the knowledge of centuries at the click of a button.

Internet, man’s greatest invention till date has not only helped us stay connected but has also made it easy for us to live in the moment, be a part of events right from where we are.

It has been one of the most inclusive forces of our times, breaking the barriers between the have and have nots, providing everyone with a common ground irrespective who they are or where they belong.

Live streaming is one such technology, which makes you realise how small the World can be.

Who could have thought Live streaming could even be possible?

Watching an event as it unfolds without really being there, may have seemed like a fairy tale a few decades ago but today, it is a reality. One that makes it possible for a person sitting in a remote village in India, view a live performance by his favourite musician in a city a 1000 kilometres away, just as it happens, in that moment.

Live streaming, frequently used in classical music concerts and festivals, beaming high fidelity audio to millions across the world has made it possible for artists and musicians to reach their fans in the remotest of corners, to share with them the same moving experience as anyone else participating in the event on location

Technologies like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, make it possible for anyone to live stream from anywhere and engage with their audience, get their reactions, see them and cheer them on the go.

There is definitely no looking back, we don’t know what more surprises technology has in store for us, but if live videos across social media platforms are any indication, we do have a lot to look forward to!

Photo Credit : Shekhar Nambi



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