Suryamurte Namostute

sUryamUrte namOstu te sundaracchAyAdhipate

kAryakAraNAtmakajagatprAkasha simhArAshyadhipate AryavinutatejassphUrte ArogyAdiphaladakIrte

sArasamitra mitra bhAno sahasrakiraNa karNasUno krUrapApaharakRshAno guruguhamoditasvabhAno sUrijaneDita sudinamaNe somAdigrahashikhAmaNe dhIrAcita karmasAkSiNe divyatarasaptAshvarathine saurAStArNamantrAtmane sauvarNasvarUpAtmane bhAratIshahariharAtmane bhuktimuktivitaraNAtmane


Dissecting the Kriti, reveals the hidden science in the verses.

Sun(Surya) is the head of this universe, the reason for  this very life on earth. He is considered as Chayadipathe,the Lord of Chaya or shadow. 

He is the kAryakAraNAtmakajagatprAkasha, which means he is the illuminator of infinite causes and effects in our world. The charged particles in solar wind, is said to get trapped within the earth’s magnetic field,which acts as a shield from harmful cosmic radiation. Sunlight aids photosynthesis in plants. The very life-cycle and eco system would break down if there is any change in sun’s pattern and schedule.

SimhArAshyadhipate, and this means the Sun is the king of Leo constellation. Sun passes through leo constellation during the summer solstice. Hence the Sun is associated with Leo as it’s king. Summer solstice is a time when the earth’s semi-axis in either the northern or southern hemisphere is most inclined towards the sun . This theory has been proved even by the Greeks.

Saarasamitra(Friend to lotus): Botanical research says, the seedling of Lotus plant requires very high levels of sunlight to form a tuber. Lotus is one flower that shows a strong inclination towards sunlight.  It blooms only under bright sunlight.

Arogyadi Phalada Keerthe, Sunlight performs one of the most basic metabolic activities in our body by maintaining a high body temperature which helps in regulating natural biorhythmic cycle. Modern day science believes that exposure to sunlight has multiple health benefits including improvement in sleep quality. Surya is definitely considered to be the medium for bestowal of health.

Dheerarchitha Karma Saakshine: It is believed that the Sun is the only witness to all activities in this universe.

Divyathara Sapthaashwarathine(Charioteer of seven horses): Seven horses according to hindu mythology denote seven chakras or seven colours of the rainbow. This is a clear illustration of splitting of white light(Sunlight) into seven colours. The seven chakras here are the seven points in the human body which act as the meeting points of energy channels or the naadi as it is called. 

Sourashtrarna Manthrathmane: Sourashtra being the raga of this krithi is a janya raga of 17th Melakartha Suryakanthi raga.

Thus we see that the Sahityam of the Kriti clearly illustrates the scientific analogy hidden and gives us an in depth knowledge of the celestial object, Sun. This further justifies the belief that Carnatic music and science go hand in hand.

— Archana Sirsi for Twaang

Picture courtesy bronze creative


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