Shloka Hues

 a twaang exclusive A new take on the popular chants in the haunting voice of Sikkil Gurucharan. With foot tapping music and a lilting tune, listen once and you're hooked! Description- contemporary take on Sanskrit shlokas Tracks- Samudra Vasane Devi, Karagre Vasathe Lakshmi.  Artist- Sikkil Gurucharan Listener review- "My 4 yr old son loves 'Shloka Hues' and insists … Continue reading Shloka Hues



A photograph speaks a thousand words, and a piece of music speaks a thousand emotions. The Illusions concert was oohed and aahed over, the audience mesmerized by the music. A musical genius and a showman to the core. The tabla enthralled, while the veena brought a serene tranquility, making the music a spellbinding experience.  Read reviews at- … Continue reading Illusions