Dhaa and twaang!

The Dhaa of the tabla and the twaang of the veena converse in ‘Illusions”…   (Twaang in conversation with Zakir Hussain)Image

How is classical Indian music doing on the international circuit?

First let me say that classical Indian music is thriving in India, as for the rest of the world, our music is considered one of the premier from of classical music and has a very large audience base.

What do you think of your Indian audience? How are they different from international audiences?

Indian and world audience are to me very close in their appreciation of the arts, the difference is that the Indians respond more vocally to the concert while the non Indians appreciate in a muted fashion.

The Dhaa of the tabla and the twaang of the veena converse in ‘Illusions”…what are your thoughts on your upcoming concert?

“The last time I played with a Veena player was around 1974 and it was the great S Balachanderji and ever since then I have wanted to play with a veena vidwan again and I am glad that my wish is finally coming true. I am very excited about the show with Jayanthiji, she is a very fine artist and a consummate professional.”

How is your experience collaborating with Ms Jayanthi Kumaresh who is in fact a disciple of S Balachander?

“I am strictly an accompanist to Jayanthi ji and will follow her lead. I am sure that she will find a way to highlight what I do best and I will try to provide for her the kind of support that she needs to convey the mood of the music.”

Here is looking forward to a wonderful musical experience with this great musician.

Photo Credits-jazzmastersinathens.blogspot.com

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