Jayanthi Kumaresh on Illusions

“I’m looking forward to the experience of creating music with this legend (Zakir Hussain)”- Jayanthi Kumaresh

Tell us about the concept of the Illusions concert…

Music is perhaps the only fine art where you cannot see or touch anything. One can only feel it… the sound waves from the artiste/ instrument creates a mirage of a palace made of pure sound and the listener is transported into it and dwells in the realms of that pure sound. He carries the vibrations of that sound in his heart when he leaves the hall…making art a remembered experience.

 What is unique about this concert?…

 The concept of this collaboration is unique in itself. The tabla in hindustani style and the veena in carnatic style have rarely shared the stage. This also is perhaps the first time that zakir ji is playing along with a Veena as a Jugalbandhi.

What are you looking forward to as an artist in Illusions?

This concert is unique because this is the first time I am being blessed with the opportunity to perform along with zakirji. I am looking forward to the experience of creating music with this legend. I think any artiste in the music world would love to be on stage with him….

Your thoughts on Twaang?

A concert curated by twaang is always a complete experience. Their focus on creating exclusive collaborations and making an amazing collection of music available for music lovers to enjoy on their phones is a great initiative.


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