Tailored Twaang

Personalize twaang and tailor the app to your musical taste. Here is the shortest route for uninterrupted listening of your favorite music. 
To create your own playlists

 – Click ‘Playlist’ tab in the Twaang app.
–  Log in through Facebook.
–  Go to your favorite song/ track click on ‘i’ which is located on top-left.
–  Click on ‘Add to Playlist’.
– Key in any name for your playlist
– Add as many tracks as you wish, and start listening.
For quick access to your favorite albums
Search for your favorite album, click on the + by it’s side to add the entire album as a playlist. This will save you from having to search for it every time.
Like the playlists we recommend? Tailor them to your taste…
– Go to the ‘We Recommend’ section and pick a playlist 
– There are + tabs on the left.
– Click them to add them as your own playlist
– personalize by either adding or removing songs. 

 Note: Logging in through Facebook does not let your contacts know that you are on twaang.
A. Sirsi



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