Midday sun, driving across town, Bangalore traffic, and the worst part…forgetting my iPod back home!  After changing radio channels a few times, I find a good track playing, only to be accosted by a high pitched RJ.  I dislike carrying anything other than my phone and wallet, which means I have to put up with random music wherever I go. A thought pops in my head, a music app for the phone, which lets me listen to the music I want; any place, any time. And so was born twaang – an Indian music streaming service – with the basic idea of ‘mobile music library’.

The need for twaang was driven by a few other things. A good comprehensive collection of Indian music (non-film) was not be found anywhere online; in fact the only place it seemed to be anymore was in my large assortment of audio tapes and few CDs stashed away in huge cartons, which I was too nostalgic about giving away. My favorites: classical, Indie, regional, folk, were scattered somewhere (if at all) in the vast universe that is the online music world; and if I could bring these together in the form of a mobile music library, I could potentially solve my own problem and that of others.Digitization is a recent development, and considering how dated these classics (Mukesh to Bismillah Khan to Maharajpuram) are, most are not available in any playable form for my music system, let alone on a mobile phone. twaang evolved through many nights of research on music apps available today and the actual music on them. We hope to soon be a comprehensive mobile music library; we hope you will be “twaanged” soon, just like we are!
twaang - Indian music streaming service
Mobile music library

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